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Decrease audit time.
Actual log image on edit screen for faster audit review.

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Eliminate time sorting through paper logs.
Recall log(s) by driver, vehicle and trailer, over any date range.


Unbiased 3rd party log verification.
Compare electronic data (fuel, tolls, roadside inspections, unlimited) to driver’s log.
Increased CSA protection

Multi-Day Logs

Process two (2) daily logs on the same page.
Reduce truck-stop transmission costs. Reduce log book fees.

P&D Logs

Process P&D work statements with all other logs.
One report covers every driver. Share results with Payroll.

PC*Miler Compare

Verify time & distance between “Remarks”.
Instantly identify errors/overspeeds. (PC*Miler Connect needed).

Remote Scan

Scan logs at terminals.
Send encrypted images to specialized audit clerks. Maximize log throughput.

Satellite GPS Import

Compare GPS to driver logs to verify accuracy.
Unbiased 3rd party log verification. Reduce audit time.

State Fuel & Miles

Simplify IFTA reports.
Calculate fuel purchases and miles by State. Report totals and details.


Reduce completion time.
Ensure full inspection Simple check-boxes.
Reduce expensive OTR repairs and unnecessary Out- of-Service violations.
Reports keep you informed.

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