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Founded in 1989, Trip Data and Safety Management Inc.(TDSM) began as a software development firm providing solutions to the transportation industry.
Since, TDSM has expanded to support hundreds carriers throughout North America.

TDSM has extensive experience in hand-print to data conversion, image control, and data management.
Annually, TDSM converts more than seventy million, hand printed documents into digital information. The resulting data is automatically compared to government regulations to protect over 200,000 truck drivers against costly and unnecessary penalties.

Some government agencies depend upon TDSM software to reduce time completing on-site audits.

We are proud that our first customer in 1989 is still a customer.
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Outstanding customer service is a tradition at TDSM. We still answer every in-coming call. Highly trained, bilingual support staff resolve 7-of-10 client enquiries during the first contact. TDSM takes pride in our customer’s success.