CSA Solutions

Hours of service regulations apply to most motor carriers, drivers, and commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) throughout North America.
In the United States the HOS rules underwent significant revisions in 2003 and again in 2008. The FMCSA has just recently released new final rule on December-22-2011. View changes compared to the current rule and questions and answers on the new final rule.
In 2005 Canada underwent an HOS rewrite that was finally published in 2007 as part of the Motor Vehicle Transport Act. View an Interpretation Guide on the final rule.

TDSM will help you stay on top of the latest HOS developments by informing you of the latest news and reference materials.

As a top supplier of compliance solutions, TDSM can also help you understand and comply with your HOS requirements including Exemptions and Exceptions (Oil field, Agricultural, Ice Roads, Motion Picture to name a few)